Sunday, August 30, 2009

Auto-tune this out

These children of fraternal rape came right out of America's vodka soaked cunt to give us this shit. What happened, world?

Maybe they'll cut a track with the Lolitas.

ashtarchris note follows:
I want to thank Nick for this post, it's an inspiring sign to LNTELLIGENCE to see that groups of people are sitting around and not only write and record a song as shitty as this, but that they then decide to make a video and some how find other people stupid enough to indulge their awful offal. I love that at no point during this process, someone didn't step in and say "hey guys, this is the worst thing that has ever been recorded, you look like fucking cockmonkeys, maybe you should sell your protools and auto-plugin and get a fucking job that doesn't involve anything that would possibly subject the world to your creative side"

They could have probably just paid the girls in this video to shot a porn with them, if their intention was to get laid by being in a shitty band. It probably would have been cheaper in the long run, but no one ever thinks these things through.


  1. what the flying fuck.
    so who's more a failure of a human being, the "singers", and i use that term quite loosely, or the girls in the video whom thought dancing was a good idea?

  2. do you think the screaming is also auto-tuned? these kids have to be from the mid-west.
    somehow i found this when i was looking to see what this "band" was called...

  3. auto-tuned screamer, priceless

    Is that supposed to be like a white lil john. Fuck this is horrible.

  4. in this video they were drinking 40's, tey r lyk so hardcor, omfg guise, omfg.