Friday, August 28, 2009

The Best Of Both Worlds: Stupid Girls and Auto-Tune.

Sadly, these girls are dead serious in what they do and their "band" name is "Miss Lolitas"...Note several things here. First the blatant rip off of The Flight of the Conchords "Who likes to rock the party?". Lawsuits aside I'm sure the Conchords would be thrilled by the terrifyingly moronic results.

There are so many potential branding lawsuits in this video. Also a clear sign of LNTELLIGENCE, one of the girls carrying around a gas canister into Target and several other locations, pedophiles and pyromaniacs rejoice. They never do get gas, but they steal someone's paris hilton dog at the end. Perhaps they plan on burning it for party starter fuel.

Also included for you viewing pleasure, "amber alert", the worst use of auto-tune ever in a song about fucking amber alerts. Show parents, what the fuck?

Don't miss out on the third video which features their idea of the worst sound imaginable, though I'm not sure they can top "party starter"

compare and contrast

Why yes, the girl on the right is wearing a blank cd on her head.


  1. this is possibly the worst thing I've ever seen, a straight up rip of "who likes to rock the party" from flight of the conchords. Auto-tune and dayglo disney. To top all off an auto-tune slow jam about amber alert that features them jumping up and down on couches. I cry for our youth.

  2. the weirdest sound I can make..."follow us on twitter" and who are those creepy guys in the background

  3. why was she carrying around a gasoline can in the video? was she drinking gasoline?

  4. YThe picture where they are at some event with a CD on her head is the "preteen choice awards". Wasn't even aware of the existence of such event.