Monday, August 31, 2009

douchebags wearing cowboy hats with glasses of wine, taking photos of girls asses with their cell phone cameras at morrisey night at sway

(Finally downloaded images off of my camera of the real douche reflecting on his sweet photo action...note this is not at all jeremy sisto, just some douchebag with a cowbay hat biting his bearded steez)

Guys who lurk around taking photos with their cell phone cameras of girls asses in general should be cockpunched.

Guys in cowboy hats who lurk around the dance floor at Sway on Morrissey night taking photos of girls asses with their cell phone cameras while drinking a glasses of white wine should have their cocks ripped open with a rusty corkscrew.

We get it, you've read The Game. You're "peacocking", you are starting a conversation point by sexually harassing girls on the dance floor, but you ended up looking like one of the Butabi brothers from Night at the Roxbury.

Learn to pick your targets better. Morrissey night? Really? That's the best thing you could come up with? That's your pick up line, "oh yeah that was me taking a photo of your ass on my cell phone while you were dancing to "girlfriend in a coma", I was the guy with the cowboy hat...

What, are you going to go home and jack off to the out of focus cell phone photos on your 2 1/2" screen when you get home? Or better yet start a blog about being a fucking douchebag and shock the world with your sexy out of focus ass shots. Dickhead, I can get hi res porn of anything I want from yoda porn, to people fucking each other with hockey sticks with one click of the mouse.

Maybe I'm just getting old and sexual harassment and douchebaggery are in vogue like the trucker hat was 10 years ago. It makes about as much sense to me as the dude that looked like Marc Almond from Soft Cell sporting the Hitler mustache.

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