Friday, August 28, 2009

hey douchebag, don't taze me bro: douchebag on douchebag crime

or douchebags gone wild

I hate that the source for this is TMZ, which is among the things I hate most in the world, but this is just too stupid not to blog

Brody Jenner Tased In Bar Fight With Joe Francis
'Hills' star reportedly gets into fight with 'Girls Gone Wild' founder.

"The Hills" star Brody Jenner reportedly got into a bar fight on Thursday night with "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis at West Hollywood club, Guys and Dolls (the same club where Chris Brown was seen singing and dancing after his sentencing on Tuesday).

TMZ reported that Jenner, who was at the club celebrating his birthday with his girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, apparently threw a drink on Francis after Nicole felt that he was being "unrelentingly" harassing towards an ex-girlfriend of his. The girl is reportedly an acquaintance of both Jenner's and Nicole's.

Jenner said that in response Francis pulled Nicole's hair and punched her in the face. He then threw her to the ground and kicked her. Security broke up the fight and then reportedly "dragged away" both Jenner and Francis. After which Jenner started yelling at Francis and both were thrown out of the club.

While outside, Jenner reportedly tried to get back in to see his girlfriend but security wouldn't allow him to do so. Jenner reportedly then saw Francis and punched him in the face, after which Jenner was tased by an unknown person and fell to the ground. Francis left the scene — not wearing a shirt, judging from photos on TMZ — and police were called. But no arrests were made.

Nicole, who reportedly has injuries that include a swollen face, bruised cheek and left rib and sore lower abdomen as well as hair that got pulled out, told TMZ she plans to press charges.

MTV News' requests to Jenner's and Francis' reps for comment regarding the incident had not been returned by press time.

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