Thursday, August 27, 2009

people who flip off bands as a sign of support

I hate it when people at rock shows give bands the finger when they are stoked. It's not punk, it's fucking retarded.

I was at the Dead Weather show last night, (which was one of major motivating factors at starting this blog-they are fucking amazing- the audience on the other hand...), and there was some douchebag jumping up and down screaming "i love you" and saluting the band with both of his middle fingers. It was like his little brain short circuited cause it couldn't handle the alcohol, red bull and rock and roll. It's one thing when your watching the GG Allin or Hatebreed but fucking Dead Weather?

Honor mention goes to the curlyheaded douchebag one man mosh pit who i witnessed personally elbow about 10 girls in the face. I was secretly hoping that one of the ed hardy or affliction dudes surrounding me would knock him out.

All that being said Dead Weather fucking rule, and I am convinced that Jack White has sold his soul to the devil. It's a much better argument for heaven and hell than christianity.