Friday, August 28, 2009

This isnt a song, its a conversation.

Apparently when you write 10,000 songs, self-editing is not one of your strong suits.

I would put up a "prom queen" link but I think sasha's post on the "lil lolitas" singing an auto-tuned ballad about "amber alerts" might have dethroned Lil Wayne for the title of worst and stupidest use of auto-tune ever.

I will also add that R Kels "real talk" kicks the shit out of this song, if we are comparing retarded stream of consciousness balladeering. James Joyce is spinning in his grave.

From lil' wayne's song "cryin out for me"

"So I met this shawty the otha day

I got her numba called her up like what u duin
She say nuuin
I say what's good?
She say not much
I say guess what
She say wassup
I say I think we should hook up
She say uh...
I say what?
She say but...
I say but... ?
Why u stuck?
She say f**k
I say who?
She say not u
I say then who
She say u kno
I kno what?
U kno who
I say I do?
She say u do"

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