Wednesday, September 2, 2009

could 18 million hits on myspace be wrong?

obviously yes!

Perhaps the healthcare crisis isn't our nation's biggest concern. This song makes the original "dance dance revolution" video game songs sound as compelling and authentic as The Beatles "Rubber Soul", and the theme from Jem as soulful as Aretha Franklin.

I thought hypercrush was the worst, but that was before I heard the millionaires.

The fact that both bands reside in the southland makes me shudder to think of cataclysmic event that might occur if they ever met. It would be like mixing the autotune versions of matter and anti-matter. Complete apocalypse.

In our quest to find the worst use of autotune, i think we may have found a new contender for the crown. Oh Cher, what fury have you wrought?

the millionaires, "take your shirt off"

a special bonus

their new video for "get paid, get laid"

I hope they get sued for the reuse of whatever the gorillaz sampled in "clint eastwood".

Add to the list of insult to injury up there with the Miss Lolitas Flight of the Conchords rip.

To quote their own lyrics, I couldn't put any more succinctly

"yeah those girls are so annoying, yeah they are totally ruining music", "no talent, just luck"

Millionaires "Just Got Paid, Lets Get Laid" Music Video HD from Robby Starbuck on Vimeo.

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