Friday, September 18, 2009

just in case you forgot, rush limbaugh is still a big fat racist idiot

Rush Limbaugh Fans Flames of Racial Tension with Comments on Bus Beating
Sept. 18, 2009
Rob Kuznia --

Rush Limbaugh fanned the flames of the nation's racial unease this week, suggesting on his radio show that President Obama might view with approval a violent incident caught on camera last week, when black students beat up a white student on a school bus in Illinois.

"You put your kids on a school bus bus, you expect safety, but in Obama's America, white kids now get beat up, with the black kids cheering," Limbaugh said on his show Wednesday, sarcastically clapping and mimicking the accent of an African American saying "right on, right on." "I wonder if Obama is going to come to the defense to the assailants the way he did for his friend Skip Gates up there at Harvard. The assailants are presumed innocent due to the white racism we all know runs rampant in America."

The on-air rant became a viral sensation today, with the words "Limbaugh segregation" shooting to the No. 1 searched phrase on Google.

During the tirade, Limbaugh sarcastically suggested that the white kid deserved it, and suggested -- again, in a sarcastic characterization of the liberal perspective -- that if white students don't want to get beat up they should have their own bus.

This led some to believe that Limbaugh was calling for segregated buses.

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