Wednesday, September 2, 2009

LNTELLIGENCE presents: Aug 27-Sept 3 Five worst Autotuned Doucherock/Hardy©ore bands of week

Doucherock vs Hardy©ore: Hardy©ore wins!

here are the rules for LNTELLIGENCE worst song of the week

1)someone decided to make this song and no one in the studio stopped them

2)after hearing the song none of their friends, management or legal thought it might be a good idea to stop them

3)after mixing and mastering the song they decided it would be a good single and they should make a video for

4)someone put up money to make a video the song

5)after this video was made, it wasn't burnt but instead posted to youtube or their myspace page or whatever shitty bands post their shitty videos on nowadays.

6)it helps it has horrible use of autotune

Bonus when there are myspace pages and youtube clips!

1. Hypercrush (bonus points for ruining Tron, Vanilla Ice, and finding a more annoying singer than Lady Gaga)

2. Miss Lolitas (bonus points for autotune song about Amber Alert)

3. Brokencyde (bonus points for the douchebag scream, one of the least musical hooks ever)

4. Blood on the Dance floor (you guys can only move up from here)

5. The Millionaires (I have a feeling that on repeated plays the sky is the limit)

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